Letter: Vic Fischer sets record straight on funding religious schools

Thank you to Vic Fischer himself for setting the record straight on his own position regarding education funding both at the time that he participated in the Alaska Constitutional Convention and today! (Compass, Feb. 20) Having read Mr. Fischer’s autobiography, “To Russia With Love,” cover to cover I could not make sense of an earlier Compass piece (Feb. 16) in which writer Kristina Johannes suggested that Mr. Fischer ever supported the funneling of public dollars to private/religious schools.

This recent piece, which I believe was intended to convince readers that venerable state leaders such as Mr. Fischer would have us dilute public education funding for the benefit of churches and just about any organization that wants to call itself a “school” was factually incorrect.

I am also happy to read this morning that Republican Sen. Gary Stevens is going to go ahead and hold hearings in the Senate Education Committee on the effects that a voucher system would have on Alaskans despite the fact that Republican leadership pulled a proposed measure related to education funding from the Education Committee.

— Jeanne Ashcraft