Letter: Photo ID proposal would solve a problem that doesn’t exist

There is so much work to do in the Capitol that Sen. Kelly is scheduling subcommittee meetings in individual legislator’s offices. However, the House State Affairs Committee has two hours and counting to spend discussing an unneeded and ill- advised photo ID law for voting.

The director of the Division of Elections stated she has seen little or no voter fraud in Alaska. We need to encourage registered voters in Alaska to do their civic duty and vote, not discourage voting. Our voter turnout is nothing to sing praises about.

It’s the dawn of Day 40 and only two bills have passed both houses, so let’s spend some more time addressing the national tea party agenda, suppress voting, outlaw abortion and public money for religious schools instead of fair oil taxes, adequate public school funding, cheaper energy for Alaskans and reasonable operating and capital budgets that will keep Alaskans employed and our infrastructure sound.

 The latter are my priorities.

— Mary Graham