Letter: Responsible national leaders would solve budgetary crisis

Candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, keep telling us that they are great leaders and problem solvers. So what are they doing to solve a $16.5 trillion ax over our heads?

Our very existence is at stake. It is the people who toil, sweat, bleed and work for our present and future. Maybe we should insist that our leaders act with responsibility and integrity to restore our nation.

Balance the budget, phase out subsidies, cut discretionary spending, cut foreign aid (except emergencies and compassion); eliminate tax loopholes, lobbyists, tax corporations and individuals fairly; establish one benefit package for all employees (Social Security and Medicare); term limits of eight years, and reduce elected leaders’ salaries by 1 percent for every trillion over budget.

That said, so when will we see our country solvent and governed responsibly?

My opinion: When pigs grow wings and fly. There is no limit to the spending appetite of our dysfunctional leadership. Be careful what and whom you vote for — you may get it.

— Charles Scott