Letter: Education funding should aim to maintain highest standards

I am writing this letter on behalf of the students of Alaska, whose future is being held at bay by flat-funding education:

Let’s keep good teachers in Alaska and commit to the highest possible standards for achievement. Fifty percent of all teachers leave the profession in the first three years and 90 percent leave in the first seven years. And, in spite of this, the United States is the world leader in education when comparing our communities with poverty levels of 30 percent or greater to countries with the same poverty levels. 

Top-ranked countries in education, such as Japan and Finland, educate populations where more than 95 percent speak the same language. When the U.S. was ranked  No. 1 in education, it did not educate all students well; it left many behind. Today, we educate all students from all cultures and abilities and hold them to high standards. 

We need to keep good teachers to meet high standards. We must inflation proof education and allow schools to carry money over to the next year. Instead, we spend millions planning yearly budgets and cutting teachers because we flat-fund education. We should be planning for our students future, not inflation.

— Tyler Desjarlais


Anchorage Daily News