Letter: Majority of us do not want public cash in private schools

The voucher bill has been taken out of the Education Committee to be discussed in Judiciary in an effort to change the Alaska Constitution, whereby, the use public funds for private schools would be placed on a statewide ballot. 

In the 2012 General Election, Alaskans had the opportunity to vote for a Constitutional Convention. Approval of this initiative would have allowed for a change on this particular issue. This attempt was overwhelmingly rejected by voters, 67 percent to 33 percent. 

The Mayor’s Summit on Education in Anchorage 2012 revealed that the majority of residents supported the public education system and encouraged the continuation of school choice within the ASD. The results specifically stated: “There was little appetite for vouchers or independent charter schools or other schooling options that are not part of the district.” 

The majority of Alaskans do not believe in using public funds for private schools and yet it is being pushed through the legislature. Question: Who are these legislators who ignore the will of the people they work for?

— Andrea Lang



Anchorage Daily News