Safety improvements planned for Seward Highway this summer

Bob Hallinen

Five slow-vehicle turnouts will be added to the Seward Highway between Turnagain Pass and Anchorage this summer, and an especially dangerous curve just south of Girdwood will be modified, reports the Turnagain Times. Longer-term plans on the stretch of highway renowned for severe and often fatal collisions call for construction of new passing lanes.

There have been 30 fatalities on the Seward Highway between Potter Marsh and Turnagain Pass from 2000 to 2012 according to DOT statistics. However, statewide statistics indicate serious crashes are down 53 percent within highway safety corridors. ...

On the Seward Highway, five additional slow-vehicle turnouts will be constructed this summer at mileposts 75, 76, 108, 111 and 115. Modification and guardrail work at milepost 88, which is a high accident location two miles south of Girdwood, is also scheduled for this summer.

A $5.7 million paving project between Girdwood and Bird Point will be completed this summer.

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