Letter: Representatives need to wise up

I watched as 31 Alaskan House of Representative members voted for anarchy. They said they were protecting Second Amendment rights. But they voted for a measure saying individual Alaskans could ignore federal gun laws (laws not yet written or passed) and if a federal law enforcement agent tried to enforce them; well, we’d just arrest them. Really?

In this United States of America, federal law trumps state law. It’s one of those things we agreed to when we joined the union. And the Constitution enshrines that principle — the same Constitution our 31 representatives said they were defending. Those 31 state representatives must have lost their thumbs yesterday because they didn’t have a grip today! You didn’t vote to protect our Constitutional rights — you voted for anarchy. You said if any state doesn’t like federal law — they can just tell their citizens to ignore it. I wonder how it would play in Juneau if the Anchorage Assembly decided Anchorage citizens could just ignore state law. My guess is not very well.

— Sharla Cook