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Letter: Theft of mom’s walker a disgrace

Several years ago my father died. One of the last things he gave to my mother was a cherub angel for her garden. Days after he died someone stole it. Just the other day she found that someone had stolen her walker from next to her porch. It has been in the same spot for years. She uses it to get around outside. My mother is 75 years old. When she told me about it she said, “If someone had needed it all they had to do was ask. I would have given it to them.” 

This is ridiculous. I get the stealing of the cherub. Some people are rotten. But a walker? Give me a break. If you needed it you would not have been able to get to it to steal it. This is just malicious. Whoever did this should be ashamed. I am ashamed to live in a community where someone’s walker is not safe outside their home. What next? Will you kick it right out from under them?

— Tim Kaderman