House OKs 2nd gun rights resolution aimed at feds

Lisa Demer

JUNEAU -- For the second time this week, the Alaska House voted to back a gun measure aimed at sending a loud gun rights message to Washington, D.C.

On a 35-1 vote, the House backed a resolution sponsored by Rep. Charisse Millett, R-Anchorage, that urges President Obama to rescind his 23 executive orders related to weapons, criminal background checks and mental health issued after the December school massacre in Connecticut.

Millett and her supporters said resolutions do matter. She said House Joint Resolution 4 sends "a clear and concise message" that the Legislature supports Second Amendment gun rights and opposes the federal government telling the state how to do its business.

Some of the orders might be good and some not but that's beside the point: Don't dictate to Alaska without talking to Alaskans, Millett said.

The lone "nay" vote was Democrat Andy Josephson of Anchorage.


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