Letter: Holmes should notget to remain in office

Rep. Lindsey Holmes should be recalled from office. 

She swore on her Declaration of Candidacy that she was a Democrat. Membership in a political partly implies a certain political belief system and is an important factor by which voters evaluate a candidate. She made representations to district residents and her supporters that she would serve in the legislature as a Democrat. She  solicited campaign contributions, made representations that she would serve in the Legislature as a member of a Democratic caucus. She deceived voters by misrepresenting her intended political party. She formally changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican immediately before being sworn in. In doing so, she adopted the political and legislative philosophy voters elected her to oppose. 

She misrepresented herself to voters and Division of Elections, thereby qualifying as deception, unfit conduct, and subject to recall vote. Voters in Alaska are outraged. I encourage voters to get involved and all residents of District 19 to sign the recall petition.

— Colleen Murphy

co-chair of Recall Lindsey Holmes