AFN Board Endorses “Survival Denied”

AFN Board Endorses “Survival Denied”
Council of Athbascan Tribal Governments’ report sheds light on Alaska Native struggle

Anchorage, AK- The Alaska Federations of Natives (AFN) Board of Directors last week voted unanimously to endorse the Council of Athbascan Tribal Governments’ joint report on the impact resource management and regulations have on the lives of traditional Alaska Natives, Survival Denied: Stories from Alaska Native Families Living in a Broken System.

“This report provides an intimate look at the challenges our people face, through the lens of the stories of the Gwich’in and Koyukon peoples of the Yukon Flats,"
said AFN President Julie Kitka. “These human stories are exactly what we need to share, together, to make real progress toward protecting and maintaining our peoples’ right to survive and thrive.”

Council of Athbascan Tribal Governments’ report, through first-hand testimonials, reveals a complicated system that denies Alaska Natives their rights to traditional foods and ways of life. The report clearly and succinctly illustrates the immediate need for systemic change that provides for greater Native influence in land management, hunting, and fishing, and ensures Alaska Native religious, physical and cultural survival.

AFN’s official endorsement of the report signals a commitment to share the Council of Athbascan Tribal Governments’ great work in the organization’s statewide and national advocacy efforts, and within the organization’s powerful network of member organizations.

Download a PDF of the full report here.