Friday training talk: What's up with your pack?

Use this space to talk about anything you'd like -- treat it as a personal bulletin board for all things dog.

I'm working on a new trick with Eddie. He already limps on his front-left leg on command. It's a trick we do at our therapy visits. I tell the kids at the hospital that Eddie likes hanging out with them so much that he tries to tell the nurses that he's hurt. Gets a big smile every time.

Now I'm working on trying to get him to limp on the other side. I think it would be hilarious to make it look like I caught him faking and switching legs.

So far, I've got him to lift his other leg up but not take any steps with it. Next step will be what I did originally. I loop the leash from his harness under his leg and lure him forward on three legs to get a treat. It helps to have an assistant handle the leash-work so I can be in front of him giving him the commands.

I'll let you know how it goes.

What's up with your pack? Anything new to report?