Letter: 350 local people can’t decide voucher issue for rest of Alaska

Andrea Lang (Letter, Feb. 26) stated that the Mayor’s Summit on Education revealed that the majority are not interested in school choice so we shouldn’t vote on it. Weren’t there only 350 people from Anchorage at that summit? And weren’t the majority of them public school teachers? How can we even take this comment seriously?

For starters, this is a statewide issue. No wonder the rest of the state gets irritated with Anchorage. Some 350 people from Anchorage don’t get to decide this issue for the rest of the state (or for Anchorage, for that matter).

Also, HJR1/SJR9 will not institute school choice. The amendment only eliminates the restrictions in our constitution that keep us from considering school choice as an option. It’s a first but necessary step. Ask yourself why people oppose even having the freedom to discuss this issue.

Finally, if Andrea is right, then she should have no fear about letting people vote on this issue. 

Be wary of anyone who opposes your right to vote on an issue. Let the people vote.

— Pam Albrecht