Letter: Camo ‘sorority’ turns stomach

In December, Sandy Hook first-graders and their teachers were massacred by a disturbed young man with easy access to semi-automatic weapons. As the nation debates how to best address the growing carnage from high-capacity magazine weapons, our state Legislature declares that federal officers will be arrested if they attempt to enforce federal law in the state of Alaska.

This doesn’t overly bother me. If they want to make fools of themselves, and we keep putting them in office, so be it. I doubt the average Alaskan has much of an appetite for “Civil War II.” 

However, the online picture of the 10 female members of the House Majority Caucus gleefully posing in Nordstrom “camouflage scarves” literally turned my stomach. Do these women, most of them probably mothers and grandmothers themselves, not have any sense of seemliness? Only 10 weeks after the parents of 20 innocent babies bury their children in the cold, hard ground, Alaska’s female lawmakers treat the gun debate like it’s some kind of a sorority joke. Way to go, “ladies.”

— Anne Terry