Letter: Coghill wages war against women

Senate Bill 49 is a disgrace to our great state. The bill was introduced by Sen. Coghill and would redefine the term “medically necessary” to limit abortion access for low-income Alaska women. Sen. Coghill portrays this as a budget issue but the facts show that for every dollar spent on family planning, Alaska saves four in pregnancy costs. 

Let’s get to the real issue. Sen. Coghill is waging a war against women’s ability to make their own decisions. The fact is abortions are legal in Alaska, and our constitution protects equal access. It is neither fair nor just to restrict access to legal medical care. 

A woman’s decision about her pregnancy is between the woman, her family and her doctor. There is no reason that a woman should have politicians dictate what’s safest for her just because she is poor. 

As a lifelong Alaskan, I am ashamed our politicians are interfering with women’s decision-making. I say it again: Senate Bill 49 is a disgrace to our state, which values freedom, privacy and fairness for all.

— Kelsey Chapple