Letter: Cutting pay will cost us elsewhere

The current administration is attempting to rewrite the rights of labor unions regarding contracts with the city of Anchorage. Terms negotiated in good faith by both parties in the past. Now an attempt is being made to abrogate some of the conditions in the interest of reducing the cost of government.

You cannot reduce expenses in one place without their cost being borne by the community elsewhere.

What happens if you reduce compensation to a significant segment of the population? If you reduce their pay, health care, and retirement benefits, where can they cut their expenses? Who’s going to pay for their health care? Who’s going to care for them when they cannot continue to work? The answers are pretty obvious. They will spend less money, because they no longer have it, at local businesses. They will turn to the government to provide health care at considerably higher cost than in a planned, efficiently administrated method.

Things may indeed need to be tweaked but tread carefully. We are our brother’s keeper and he is ours.

— Gerald Hudspeth