Letter: Education matters to everyone

If I don’t have any kids, why should the state of the public school system even matter to me?

It’s actually simple: Kids who graduate from public schools make up your city. They are taxpayers, police officers, firefighters, teachers, future lawyers, drivers on your roads, they serve your food and can represent what Anchorage stands for and acts like.

Answer these questions for yourself. Do you want uneducated people to work for you? Do you want to work for poorly educated bosses? Do you want the people who vote on elected officials or for causes that matter to have a reduced education due to privatized funding? How many ignorant people do you want on TV representing Alaska?

Education shapes the minds of tomorrow and the future of the city. Don’t let politicians cut what really matters and create a dystopian idiocracy for the majority of Alaskans who still depend on public education.

— Lydia Lantz