Letter: Nullification unresolved to Parnell

With Gov. Parnell’s endorsement of HB69, as reported Feb. 28, he supports making federal law unenforceable in Alaska and making felons of Alaska federal employees. Now Gov. Sean Parnell of Alaska joins Gov. Francis Pickens of South Carolina in a common cause. Both governors subscribe to the idea of constitutional nullification whereby federal law is deemed unenforceable in their respective states. 

I should mention that Gov. Pickens was the governor of South Carolina in 1861 when South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union. That precipitated the War of the Rebellion, also known as the American Civil War. In that war over 600,000 Americans died to resolve the issue of constitutional nullification; however, apparently this issue remains unresolved to our governor who now appears to be willing to spend millions of state dollars in lawsuits and court costs to prove that Gov. Pickens was correct. 

— Lynn Willis

Eagle River