Letter: Sullivan incompetent or just lazy

Mayor Sullivan’s recent action to nullify the right for unions to fairly negotiate their contracts with the municipality is very telling. It is strong evidence that he is incompetent or just too lazy to negotiate in good faith. By taking away both binding arbitration and the right to strike he removes any need to justify any action that he takes with regard to employee contracts.

He ran on the idea that he could and would be much better at negotiating contracts than Mayor Begich. In reality he is advocating doing away with good faith bargaining altogether. 

The rise of a strong middle class in America came about only through the efforts and bloodshed of many people, and the current efforts by politicians such as Sullivan are simply an attack to end bargaining altogether. If they succeed, America will be the poorer for it. For those nonunion folks who cheer on the destruction of unions, be careful what you wish for.

— James Brown