Letter: Jay Hammond would have no truck with current Republicans

I read in the ADN that Republicans are trying to associate themselves with Jay Hammond in a television ad, and that Bella Hammond objects.

Without having seen the ad, I can nevertheless see considerable irony here.

Jay Hammond was perhaps our most beloved governor. I can understand why current right-wing Republicans want to associate themselves with his name.

Jay Hammond was a moderate Republican, a conservationist, and a man who practiced prudent fiscal behavior, and who convinced his fellow citizens to do so as well.

Our current Republicans are not moderate, are not conservationists, and apparently have no intention of practicing prudent fiscal behavior.

If Jay Hammond is so beloved, why not be like Jay Hammond in practice?

Indeed, were Jay Hammond alive today, there would be little room for him in this Republican Party.

The irony is rich, but unfunny.

— Clarence A. Crawford