Meet the sled dogs: Dozer

Kyle Hopkins

• Name: Dozer

• Age: 4

• Gender: Male

• Weight: 55 pounds

• Position: Wheel

• Musher: Josh Cadzow of Fort Yukon

Wheel dogs, harnessed at the back of the team, shoulder much of the heavy lifting when it's time to turn the sled. You want a powerful husky playing that position, and 'Dozer often runs beside Monster for 25-year-old musher Josh Cadzow. He's a cocky dog, Cadzow said. "He just kind of lets out a growl sometimes at other teams, or other dogs screwing around (near) him." "He comes out of George Attla's old breeds. I bought a dog from him in '02 ... Blackie," the Fort Yukon musher said today. "They got heart, his dogs. They do what you ask. What I ask of them."

-- Kyle Hopkins in Finger Lake