Meet the sled dogs: Elway

• Name: Elway

• Age: 14 months

• Gender: Male

• Musher: Karin Hendrickson, Wasilla

Hendrickson: "He's bigger than anybody else we have and he's only 14 months old. So he's really a big, giant baby. Elway's a little young for going off on a race like this but he just has so much fun out racing. He absolutely loves going out and running new trails and he shows a lot of talent. So we're going to give him a chance. Next year you might see him and he might be the size of a pony. He's learning how to be a leader but he's just learning how to be a leader so he won't be doing much of that in a high-pressure kind of race...

"All my dogs have a dog named Fly for their father. Fly's line goes back through Diana Moroney and back to Dean Osmar's lines, and on his mother's side, it's out of Paul Gebhardt's lines, which also go back through Red Dog to Osmar way back when. But they're kind of the old-style husky -- good hair, good feet, not real hound-y at all. So they're not fast but they're pretty tough. It doesn't work great for us in the mid-distance races, but for Iditarod it works pretty well."

-- David Hulen





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