Troopers investigate hit-and-run on own patrol car

Richard Mauer

Troopers investigating a report of dangerous driving stopped at a bonfire south of Wasilla early Sunday morning where a line of cars was parked by the side of Mack Road. Four troopers parked there too, one in a rather unlucky spot.

The officers didn't locate a dangerous driver at the party, trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said Monday. But there was a dangerous driver out on the street.

"When they were on the side of the road there, they heard the crash," Peters said.

Returning to the place they parked, the troopers saw the wrecked car was one of their own. Someone backed into it while trying to drive away. And the driver didn't stop to leave a note. It was a hit-and-run.

A trooper photo shows the driver appeared to miss the big push bumper on the patrol vehicle, instead crushing the left front fender. "They couldn't drive it away from the scene at all," Peters said. The trooper vehicle will probably be a total loss, she said.

Troopers think they know the name of the hit-and-run driver but hadn't made an arrest by mid-Monday, Peters said.

"We did get some help in identifying the person by partygoers, but it's not like they gave us a full name or anything," she said.


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