Dog Blog: Are your dogs telling you it feels like spring?

Can you sense a change in your dogs this time of year? Are they more eager for walks? More easily distracted on walks by odors? If you do notice a difference, are the walks more pleasant or less?

I ask because today felt like spring. It was only 32, so not exactly a heat wave, but the sun was melting the snow quickly. At one point, I thought we were going to get buried by snow that avalanches off a tin gazebo roof at the park. Not a great place to loiter on warm days, especially with little dogs.

As much as I look forward to the changing season, for dog walking it's my least favorite time of year. Fleece booties get soaked. The dogs struggle in the thick snow. Soon, we'll be running into puddles. Also, the dogs' distraction level is sky high. They want to sniff EVERYTHING. I usually let them, but the slow-paced walk doesn't tire them out as much.

For the dogs, however, it's probably their second-favorite season after summer. It's warmer and there's tons of cool stuff to sniff.

Just wondering if I'm the only one who dreads spring walks.