Letter: Cruise ships don’t dump cleanly

There is much ado about House Bill 80 and the discharge of waste matter within the channels, inlets and bays of Alaska’s ports of call from the increasing volume of cruise ships.

Several years past my wife and I were trolling for our winter’s supply of silver salmon in late August east of the coal docks in Seward. We noticed a flock of gulls hovering and diving not too far behind a giant cruise ship that was docked, and it has been our experience that that is a good sign of salmon pooling or feeding just below. So we trolled through and around that area and limited out our twelve salmon in less than an hour and a half. The air quality in that area seemed a bit odorous. We cleaned and scaled our catch pretty well, though.

Since then I’ve never felt too good about the quality of the fish, especially the bottom varieties like halibut, cod, rockfish and possibly pollock with all the cruise ship waste discharge.

— Paul and Myrna Vos