Letter: Legislators could learn efficiency from military

Over my 25 year career in the military, numerous occasions arose for upgrades to new equipment. Normally, company representatives would come to train those who operated or maintained it. Other times, our unit would send one or two individuals to other locations to be trained and return to train others. We never sent a third of our people for training at one time. Why? Because it wasn’t cost effective and it impacted our mission.

I recalled that military time when reading about the legislature’s trip, which the article now refers to as the, “traditional Energy Council break…” No doubt, some good information will be garnered from this trip. But, is sending a third of the legislature necessary? 

Questions: Why can’t four or five legislators go to these meetings armed with questions from other legislators? Why can’t those attending brief others upon their return? What is the total expense for the trip? What other state programs could benefit by the savings of sending fewer people? 

These trips also brings a military term to mind: Boondoggle.

— Dean Hill