Anything goes: What's up, dog lovers?

Use this space to talk about anything you'd like. Treat it as a bulletin board for all things dog.

I'll start:

I knew dogs consumed a good portion of my waking hours, but not until this week did I realize they're occupying my dreams too.

My wife tells me that I was talking in my sleep a couple nights ago. My words: "Leave it!" To top it off, and she swears this is true, shortly after that Eddie, my older Yorkie who sleeps on the bed, was talking in his sleep. His words: Grrrrrrrrr.

I find it particularly amusing and believable because we go through that same routine nearly every day when we pass a neighbor's house that has a dog in the yard frequently. My dogs will growl, I'll say "leave it" or "on by," and I try to get their focus back on me. I haven't had much luck getting my dogs to pass without making a sound.

But maybe I'm onto something! I'll train them in their sleep!