Letter: Respect Alaska’s Constitution

I attended the Senate Bill 49 hearing on Monday and gave testimony opposing the bill. It is appalling that politicians like Sen. Coghill and Sen. Dyson want to place politicians between women and their doctors when women are facing pregnancy decisions.

The best case for dropping SB 49 was made by those who have read our Constitution and know this bill is unconstitutional under the Equal Protection and Privacy clauses.

We love our Constitution in Alaska, as we should. Thankfully, Sen. Coghill’s father and the others who crafted it, made it perfectly clear that low-income women are entitled to equal treatment under our laws. Abortion is a complex and difficult decision. I do not live another woman’s life and I do not walk in her shoes; I cannot make that decision for her — and neither should politicians.

If Senators Coghill and Dyson truly want to reduce the need for abortion in Alaska, they could support proven methods for prevention, such as increased access to birth control for low-income women.

— Susan Pacillo