Unalaska police blotter: Bunkhouse blues

Here are further highlights from the police log of the Unalaska Department of Public Safety. Read more from the log via the Dutch Harbor Telegraph. For background on the UDPS police blotter, see "Unalaska police blotter makes for great Alaska literature" (KTUU, Feb. 16, 2012) and "Dutch Harbor: The police blotter heard 'round the world" (Los Angeles Times, Feb. 5, 2009)

 Assault – Officers responded to a report of a fight in progress at a bunkhouse and found several loud, drunken revelers, none of whom appeared to have been in a fight.

Drunk Disturbance – Officers responded to a different bunkhouse, where a man was supposedly threatening others with bottles.  Officers found drunken revelers, including one who claimed to be so upset about a relative’s death several years earlier in another state, that he felt compelled to pick fights with people tonight. One young man was cited for Minor Consuming. 

Disorderly Conduct – Officers responded to a bunkhouse where two men had challenged each to a fight because one’s former girlfriend had spent the last night drinking with the other.  An officer advised the men it was not worth going to jail over the woman.

Assistance Rendered – Officer helped a drunk get back into his bed.

Suspicious Person/Activity – Caller, who had previously reported that his cell phone had been stolen but then found the cell phone plugged in to a charger in his garage, told police he suspected that unauthorized calls had been made on his phone.

Suicide – Drunken caller reported a neighbor was looking for a knife with which to commit suicide. Officers responded and found that the woman was simply looking for a knife with which to cut a roast.

Harassment – Drunken caller reported receiving harassing phone calls from another person; the other person at the same time reported receiving harassing phone calls from the drunken caller. Officers asked both parties if they could just quit calling one another.

Suspicious Person/Activity – Drunk reported that somebody was in his house. Officers responded and found the drunk and his brother, both of whom live at that location, in the house. The drunk identified his deceased father as one of the people in his home, but officers were unable to locate him.