Letter: It’s time for Alaskans to revolt against those dictators in D.C.

Sean Cockerham reports (Story, March 1), “Court rejects Alaska bid to remove polar bear from threatened list.” I agree with our state Department of Law that this ruling places unnecessary, costly regulatory burdens on development. If people were not up there already, these dictators would prevent people from forming villages up there. Now, King Cove villagers have been denied an emergency road to the airport in Cold Bay by Washington, D.C., dictators. I say, ignore them and start building your road! Next, they plan to send drones into our property to spy on us and rob us of our rights. 

The Alaska House of revolutionaries has already passed legislation (HB 69) making it a felony for federal agents to enforce certain forthcoming laws. I say, let’s take back all federal land from the federal government, whose economy has been collapsing under debt anyway. Let’s get off this sinking ship and declare independence of Alaska, before it drowns us all!

— Dan Russell