Wayne & Wanda: Money management can rattle a relationship

Wayne and Wanda

Falling in love these days isn't as simple as taking the romantic plunge. Today, many daters will investigate your Facebook page, browse songs on your iPhone and measure the health of your checking account before they allow things to get serious. Seriously!

A recent story in The New York Times explored a new first date conversation topic: your credit score.

Wayne: Wow -- that's a fast way to kill a good wine buzz! Actually, we've received a lot of letters lately that focused on finances, from people who lied about their financial footing to those who were just plain poor and embarrassed about it. Hey, if you've worked hard to build good credit, buy a home or property, pay your bills and craft a solid career, you deserve the same financial stability from your partner, if that's important to you.

Some of the bigger arguments in relationships surround money, so you might as well get on the same page early, whether that's making sure your accounts are on similar footing or you're willing to fully accepting someone, rich or poor.

Wanda: This article's comparison of credit scores to STDs is more than a little harsh. Just as a sexually transmitted disease doesn't automatically mean someone was recklessly promiscuous, a poor credit score doesn't necessarily mean someone is a financial train wreck.

It's easier than ever to accumulate debt, not just from irresponsible binge shopping or extravagant vacations, but also from understandable sources like college bills, layoffs, poor market conditions or sudden illnesses and injuries when one is lacking health care. A poor credit score shouldn't necessarily be a deal-breaker. They say true love conquers all. Likewise, two incomes pay off debt faster.


Speaking of finances, a recent survey by All You magazine reports that more than 50 percent of the 2,500 women surveyed would give up sex for six months if it meant they would save $2,500.

Wanda: A majority of these same women said they'd give up an hour a day for money, too. Crazy talk!

Time is precious and so is intimacy. Gallons of research will tell you that people who regularly have sex are happier (duh). Sex burns calories, boosts germ-fighting antibodies and helps people handle stress better. In a 2012 study by Carsten Grimm for the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, people rated sex as the activity that makes them happiest. Hear that, ladies?

Wayne: Six months? That's a cakewalk! And you're telling me you'll give me money for my abstinence? Where do I sign up?

I suppose it's easier to sign up for this challenge when you're in a drought or if you've been with someone forever, but what if you're just getting to know someone? Third date rolls around, chemistry is crackling. I bet most women and men, no matter how much they need the money, would tear up that check and sign up for a roll in the sack.



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