Nugen's Ranch at a glance

Nugen's Ranch at a glance

• Other residential drug and alcohol treatment centers in the state offer programs lasting from 30 days to several months. At the Akeela House Recovery Center, depending on the program, clients can stay up to a year, sometimes longer, while transitioning to aftercare. Nugen's Ranch offers the longest residential treatment program, up to two years.

• Clients must be detoxed before admission.

• Some clients are court-ordered to Nugen's but most go by choice. Either way, there's a rigorous application process involving medical and criminal background checks and other screening. Because of Nugen's distance from medical facilities, clients must be mentally and physically stable upon arrival.

• Clients pay 35 percent of their monthly income, or a minimum of $5 a day. The cost for one month is $192.50, which includes doctor visits, laundry and phone fees.

• Annual operating costs are $976,477, of which $878,829 comes from a state grant that has not increased in the past three years and may be cut. Other grants and donations, along with sales of farm produce, hay and livestock, supplement the facility's income.

• At present, the ranch has available beds and several potential clients are going through the application process.