Brabham Cup update (good news for Aces)

Doyle Woody,

The Stockton Thunder's 4-3 home win over the Ontario Reign this afternoon did a favor for the ECHL-leading Alaska Aces -- it maintained the Aces' eight-point lead over the Reign in the chase for the Brabham Cup as regular-season champions.

Both Alaska, with 98 points, and Ontario, with 90, have played 64 of 72 games. Cincinnati sits third with 87 points in 64 games. Next is Idaho with 85 points in 63 games, followed by Reading, a 3-1 winner today at Elmira, with 84 points in 63 games.

The Brabham, which the Aces won last season to give them an unprecedented two straight regular-season titles, is Alaska's to lose. Still work to be done, though -- of the Aces' remaining eight games, three are against Idaho -- starting Wednesday at Sullivan Arena -- and the final two of the season are at Ontario.

Lest you have forgotten, the Brabham is most coveted because it earns the winner home ice throughout the Kelly Cup playoffs.

Doyle Woody,