Letter: It’s time for the city to accept concessions from the unions

Time for the mayor and the Assembly to back away from Ordinance 37. The secrecy behind its creation and the breakneck race to the vote exemplify the worst in politics. It’s sad to see in our city government.

The city unions, on the other hand, have taken the high ground. They urged politicians to set aside the one-sided document and allow all the parties involved to collaborate on writing a more balanced and legal version. Though some union suggestions turned up in the rewritten “s” version of the ordinance, it remains a harsh, unfair document.

Several hundred union members have tried to speak their piece in the three minutes mandated for public testimony in front of the Assembly.  Despite long hours of listening, I was fascinated by their stories, which offered rarely heard perspectives behind the scenes of our city.

Friday, the unions offered concessions to gain a voice in the re-writing of the labor ordinance. Please accept their offers and start working alongside your work force instead of against them.

— Toni McPherson