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Letter: School Board shouldn’t look Outside for superintendent

When will the Anchorage School Board learn that hiring from outside the state of Alaska is a bad idea when it comes to the superintendent’s position?  How many candidates did they interview and try to hire before Carol Comeau was finally hired?

APD, the Alaska State Troopers and other government agencies have all decided to promote from within their respective organizations.  For some reason the Anchorage School Board still hasn’t learned from the past. Is it unreasonable to assume that out of the thousands of school administrators and teachers in Anchorage and throughout Alaska, one person can be found who fits the needs of ASD?

Note to the ASD School Board:  When you start by looking outside, you are looking past, and over, your largest pool of potential superintendents — the Alaskans who already work in the state.   Every teacher and administrator hired in Alaska should be hired with the idea that they could be a future superintendent candidate if they aspire to that position. Our students deserve no less.

— Bob Lewis