Lines written when I misspelled “imminent”

Art Snob Blog

IMMANENT and IMMINENT, a poxed pair from the Devil sent

to torment editorial brains and mock false Spell-Check’s empty claims.

IMMANENT means to dwell,

as in a MANOR – or a cell,

to be inherent, found herein,

when spelled out with an “M-A-N

But “M-I-N” suggests a threat,

a menace pending – just not yet.

If revenge is IMMINENT, don’t begin it

right away, but in a MINUTE..

EMINENT things are greater and finer,

superior to the merely MINOR,

PREEMINENT among men and honors,

As a grand EMIR, served by fawners.

The EMANANT effuses forth,

like frosty air from the cold, cold north,

or the saucy scent that flows from roses,

or the immanent glow that imminently EMANATED from the eminence of Moses.

(Although once I thought I heard

that EMANANT is not a word,

there it is in Webster’s Third.)