Letter: Mayor has courage vs. unions

Anchorage taxpayers should be incredibly thankful that we have a mayor and some assembly members with the courage to confront the “sacred cow” to make city budgets flexible and competitive. The world has changed. Almost every government on the planet is in debt, spending more than it takes in. Most are already taxing far more than they should. As oil revenue dries up, the city and state need the flexibility to reduce staff and services when and where necessary. That currently isn’t the easy option it should be. This isn’t a personal attack against unions but not doing it is a personal attack on taxpayers.

Most taxpayers have no work guarantees or extravagant (if any) benefits. They deserve tax protection from the assembly. The unions disregard for their non-union, brothers and sisters has created a rift with the taxpaying public. If the union members are so competitive and superior they shouldn’t need to worry about competing for the jobs as individuals or having to mob the assembly meetings. 

— Kyle Brown