Alaska sports digest: March 20


Mohr gets Team USA nod

Eagle River's Ron Mohr, a two-time Player of the Year in Senior PBA bowling, is among four men and four women named to Team USA for the inaugural World Tenpin Bowling Association World Senior Championships in August.

The competition is set for Aug. 10-16 in Las Vegas.

Mohr, 56, has won eight events on the senior tour, now known as PBA50.

Mohr has represented his country several times, and won gold, silver and bronze medals in 1989 at the American Zone Championships.


U.S. women split

The Team USA rink that includes Jessica Schultz of Anchorage split two games Wednesday, which makes its path to the playoffs difficult at the Women's World Curling Championships in Riga, Latvia.

The Americans (5-4) won their early match, topping winless Latvia (0-8), 9-2. But they fell 9-5 to China later. That leaves Team USA with a 5-4 record that places them in a tie for fifth place among 12 teams.

The top four finishers in round-robin play advance to the playoffs. The Americans finish round-robin with two games Thursday against teams that rank above them -- Scotland (8-1), which is tied for first place, and Russia (6-3), which is tied for third place.


Baines wins twice

Brian Baines of Anchorage won both the singles and handicap events over the weekend in the St. Paddy's Shoot at the Birchwood Recreation Shooting Park.

Baines hit 188 of 200 targets in the singles competition and 89 of 100 in the handicap event, where he won a shoot-off with Ben Olsen. Wasilla's Jon Hayes won the doubles event, hitting 182 of 200 targets, and Anchorage's Dale Frary won a handicap event by hitting 97 of 100 targets.

St. Paddy's Shoot


Champion -- Brian Baines, Anchorage, 188 of 200. Class AA -- Ben Olsen, Chugiak, 181. Class A -- Jon Hayes, Wasilla, 181. Class B -- Dennis Geary, Wasilla, 165. Class C -- John Zajchowski, Wasilla, 176. Class D -- Rodney Miland, Chugiak, 160. High Lady -- Jennifer Geary, Chugiak, 173. High Junior -- Steve Brown, Anchorage, 165.


Champion -- Brian Baines, Anchorage, 89 of 100. 24-27 yards -- Jon Hayes, Wasilla, 84. 18-23 yards -- Ben Olsen, Chugiak, 89. High Vet -- Ken Smith, Wasilla, 85. High Lady -- Jennifer Geary, Wasilla, 85. High Junior -- Colton Cline, Anchorage, 79.


Champion -- Jon Hayes, Wasilla, 182 of 200. Class A -- Ben Olsen, Chugiak, 179. Class B -- Brian Baines, Anchorage, 158. Class D -- Ralph Cushman, Anchorage, 155. High Junior -- Steve Brown, Anchorage, 155.


Champion -- Dale Frary, Anchorage, 97 of 100. Runner-up -- John Zajchowski, Wasilla, 87. 24-27 yards -- Jon Hayes, Wasilla, 82. 18-23 yards -- Jim Timmons, Anchorage, 86. High Vet -- Jerry Wasson, Eagle River, 71. High Lady -- Jennifer Geary, Wasilla, 70. High Junior -- Steve Brown, Anchorage, 83.


30th Alaska Pro-Am Saturday

The 30th annual Alaska State Pro-Am, which features bodybuilding and fitness categories among its various divisions, is set for Saturday at UAA's Wendy Williamson Auditorium.

Pre-judging is set for noon, with finals scheduled for 7 p.m.

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