Letter: Sen. Bishop needs to realize oil tax bill is not a good idea

Sen. Click Bishop seems to be having a problem deciding on the governor’s oil tax bill.

Are you kidding me? At a time when federal dollars are being slashed, military spending declining, less revenues coming to the state, and the governor and the Legislature refusing to fully fund education how could any independent Alaskan vote for this debacle? Only an unconstitutional gerrymandering of this past election gives this corporate welfare bill a chance. Govs. Hammond and Hickel will roll in their graves if this bill is passed. Charlie Huggins and Pete Kelly are solidly behind it, and if Ralph Seekins were in your shoes he would be solidly behind it too. Bishop ran against Seekins on a platform that he would be his own man, he would not be Ralph Seekins. But if he votes for this giveaway, he will be Ralph Seekins.

Bishop should be the man he said he would be and vote for the best interest of the state. Otherwise why run for the job.

— Didier Lindsey