Assembly candidate Q&A: has the city struck the right balance between services and revenue?

Q: Has the city struck the proper balance between levels of service and levels of revenue (primarily property tax)?

District 2: Seat A

Chugiak/Eagle River

Amy Demboski: The level of services in the city is generally good (with the exception of transportation in Eagle River); however, residents of Chugiak-Eagle River have continually expressed the desire to see property tax relief. Therefore, I believe that there is still too much of a burden on property tax owners.

Peter Mulcahy: No. Our city budget is on an unsustainable path. The primary cause of this is the cost of labor. We need to take actions to control the cost of labor while continuing to provide quality, essential services.

Bob Lupo: No. There are many thousands of individuals who do not reside within the municipality, but take advantage of our services to earn their livelihood. Yet these people contribute nothing toward the support of our city. So I propose a head tax on all wage earners, who are not residents of our city. All funds received would be applied toward the reduction of our property taxes.

District 3: Seat D

West Anchorage

Ernie Hall: Yes / close

Nick Moe: No. Currently Anchorage residents are paying more taxes and receiving fewer services because of the budget cuts.

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District 3: Seat E

West Anchorage

Cheryl Frasca: It's getting close but it took millions of dollars in reductions to get to a projected level of spending that is close to projected revenues.

Phil Isley: No

Tim Steele: We need to diversify our sources of revenue. We do need to identify and cut redundant expenditures. At the same time we need to protect those services that make our city attractive and able to grow and develop.

District 4: Seat F

Midtown Anchorage

Andy Clary: No, we are not quite there yet. Although we have made great progress toward that goal, it will take a few more years of sustainable budgets before we can strike the right balance. A sustainable path forward is the best option to make sure that we can deliver the essential municipal services we need in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Dick Traini: Yes

District 5: Seat H

East Anchorage

Paul Honeman: No: This current administration has been regularly taking in more revenue from property tax payers with the promise of providing excellent services. However the Administration does not provide the level of services we are paying for and instead "pockets" the money into the unreserved fund and does not refund the property taxes (which is against our city charter of not taking in more money than we spend).

District 6: Seat J

South Anchorage

Jennifer Johnston: Yes, because we are using the 6 year financial plan to manage our funds. This softens fiscal cliffs.