Letter: America’s arms industry needs to be better regulated

My Uncle Bert on the way to a hardware store died in a head-on crash with a drunk driver who lived. That was when lap seat belts were just an optional irritation. Later, my Aunt Elsie survived service in World War II, to die of cancer; she smoked. Finally, the Congress moved to protect us from those two self-serving industries: the auto industry and tobacco.

No one in my family has died from gunshot wounds since cousin Jesse was murdered after the Civil War. Yet, the recent firearm atrocities, seemingly defended by both the firearms industry and the NRA, must stop! Let’s outlaw assault weapons before some nut walks into the local Weapons Barn Boutique to buy a “School House Special!”

Gun owners embrace part of the Second Amendment, which is about maintaining a “well regulated militia.” Why do so many people in America die of gun accidents, murder and suicide? Perhaps both our militia and the greedy arms industry need better regulation; whether by congressional action or executive order, America must be safer.

— Gene Ervine