Assembly candidate Q&A: What could the city do to spur desirable economic development?

In the days leading to the April 2 municipal election, we'll be publishing responses from Assembly candidates to a range of questions. Find other questions at

Q: What one thing could the city do to spur desirable economic development, or what is the best thing the city is doing already to spur desirable economic development?

District 2: Seat A

Chugiak/Eagle River

Amy Demboski: Reduce the growth of property taxes. According to the Tax Foundation, Anchorage has among the highest property taxes in the United States. High property taxes stunt private sector growth and economic development.

Peter Mulcahy: Reduce the regulatory burden that stifles new investment and chokes small business.

Bob Lupo: No answer

District 3: Seat D

West Anchorage

Ernie Hall: Come up with some good incentives to encourage economic development and diversify our economy.

Nick Moe: The city can invest in local production through a two-pronged approach: invest in our local workforce through strategic job training and invest in the local economy by encouraging patronage of local businesses and marketing local food.

District 3: Seat E

West Anchorage

Cheryl Frasca: High school graduates that are fully prepared for success when they enter the workforce or college.

Phil Isley: Reduce taxes and trim the budget.

Tim Steele: Streamline and upgrade the property tax appraisal system while establishing innovative ways to diversify our sources of revenue to alleviate the tax burden on property owners.

District 4: Seat F

Midtown Anchorage

Andy Clary: We should be simplifying the process for developing and improving land to increase the amount of available affordable housing.

Dick Traini: I would work with planning and construction to make sure projects in development are done in a timely manner. The time it takes to get permits approved takes too long and detracts development.

District 5: Seat H

East Anchorage

Paul Honeman: The most important thing the city can do is to do its job well, which means building adequate infrastructure and providing effective and affordable delivery of services that would enable and welcome economic development citywide.

District 6: Seat J

South Anchorage

Jennifer Johnston: Provide uninterruptable financially sustainable energy. Anchorage was the first municipality to participate in the federal program allowing for the establishment of 49th Angel Fund.