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Letter: Parnell should be working for us, not for the oil companies

I looked Sean Parnell up in Wikipedia. Here is part of the listing. “Parnell left the Alaska Senate to become director of government relations in Alaska for the oil company ConocoPhillips. In 2005, he joined the lobbying firm Patton Boggs, where he advised clients on state and federal regulations governing development of major oil and gas projects. Patton Boggs represented ExxonMobil in the Exxon Valdez oil spill litigation.”

As our governor, he is supposed to be working for us now, not the oil companies. The State Retirement System is not fully funded, our schools are laying off staff and he wants to give up billions to further fatten the oil companies. I consider this thinly disguised robbery. We will be the losers if we allow it to happen. Call your representatives and tell them that a vote for this fiasco is their ticket to a new line of work!

— Mark Beaudin