Letter: ‘Veco the Sequel’ now playing

You know, I can watch a never-ending production of “Die Hard,” “Rambo,” “Rocky,” and “Expendables” movies. But it pained me to watch even the first Veco saga. What drama! What intrigue! What disgust!

Well “Veco Part Duex” is playing at a Legislature near you. Bill Allen is no longer available. The part of the “alleged” oil industry shill, “alleged” master of legislative influence who can easily corrupt a majority of our politicians, “alleged” fan of expertly gerrymandering districts and “alleged” sell-out of most Alaskans will be played by none other than Gov. Sean Parnell. He can’t do it all by himself. He has the assistance of 11 Republican senators.

We don’t even have to buy tickets to see it. It’s free. Wrong! We all pay for it.

— Michael Citro