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Letter: Don’t let that big gorilla inside

There’s a 500-pound gorilla in the room. Don’t worry about it. Gorillas will be extinct soon.

The 500-pounder I’m worried about is called “PacRim.” It’s poised to rage through a silver salmon spawning area just across our Inlet, leaving it completely denuded, to 300 feet in some places, down to the coal, in the bedrock layers, over 5,000 acres.  All of that to sell coal, the easy use of which is turning the oceans into carbonated, acidic vats.

The “room” that PacRim wants has a lot that’s valuable. Their “test pits” are not in any way convincing evidence that PacRim can (or will) put the broken and removed pieces of such a system back together. 

If we are in the permitting process, as the governor’s response to a letter indicated, and if we should wait and see the process through (as the governor also indicated), let us please, collectively, not permit this 500-pounder into the room.

— Carl Tobin