Letter: Golden Rule best rule of conduct

I personally believe that everybody should be treated with the equality and kindness with which you would treat someone who has done nothing wrong to you. I believe all people have their personal rights, and even if you are gay, lesbian, Alaska Native, atheist, or anybody off the street, you should have the right to do what you want in this world if it is “morally right.”

Just because you are a white Christian businessman, you should have no more rights than a lesbian Alaska Native. You are not better than any common person off the street. Just because you make more money than somebody else does, does not measure your character, your morality, or anything else.

Just love your fellow man instead of using all of this backhanded, hypocritical behavior. I’m not saying that you have to like this person and be best friends, Just treat them the way that you would want to be treated if you were in the same situation. 

— Adrianna Kazmaier