Letter: It takes no courage to transfer billions to richest corporations

I read in the Daily News that state Sen. Pete Kelly claimed that it took “guts” to vote yes on Senate Bill 21, lowering taxes on the oil companies. He also invoked his children, as a source of inspiration, apparently.

Not for one nanosecond did I think that it was an act of courage to transfer billions of dollars from the citizens of our state to some of the wealthiest corporations on the planet. As for children, when I think of my grandchildren here in Alaska, I see their prospects diminished by Mr. Kelly’s vote.

Apparently when you do something cowardly and unethical, there is a psychological need to present yourself in the opposite light: Subservience becomes courage, venality becomes foresight (let’s do it for the children).

This vote was perhaps the most disgusting I have witnessed from the Legislature, and there have been plenty of bad ones.

— Clarence A. Crawford