Letter: Not the time to stay silent

If you really feel strongly about Gov. Sean Parnell’s big oil tax giveaway, now is the time to let Parnell and the Legislature know how you feel. All it would take is a few minutes out of your busy schedule to go online, which makes it easier to communicate with your government. Then, the hard part: Rally your friends and family to speak up also. As Sen. Berta Gardner pointed out last Monday, “Legislators’ tax debate lacks vital information.”

Now is not the time to stay silent. If we don’t stand together to be heard, it will be too late. Surely no one wants to bear the consequences of SB21 if it gets passed. Think of the 99 percent. They got heard because they made a lot of noise. Let’s remind the government who they work for. Plus, you don’t have to be a registered voter to have an opinion, just an Alaskan.

— Della Dempsey