Assembly candidate Q&A: What's the biggest problem facing Anchorage?

In the days leading to the April 2 municipal election, we'll be publishing responses from Assembly candidates to a range of questions. Read other questions at

Q: What is the biggest problem facing Anchorage?

District 4: Seat F

Midtown Anchorage

Andy Clary: Substance abuse and its cascading effects on all of us.

Dick Traini: Lack of agreement on the vision of Anchorage and how to move Anchorage forward.

District 5: Seat H

East Anchorage

Paul Honeman: Our biggest issue is how and where anchorage residents will live work and commute. Most available land has been developed and the remaining parcels are challenged with costly requirements such as steep slopes, heavy ground stabilization, and the necessary utilities to such sites. That leaves Anchorage in the mode of re-development, and how will that result. The Port of Anchorage is the most vital municipal infrastructure under construction/re-building. It affects a majority of Alaskan consumer goods.

District 6: Seat J

South Anchorage

Jennifer Johnston: Interruptible and costly source of Energy

District 2: Seat A

Chugiak/Eagle River

Amy Demboski: There are three major issues of concern: the Port of Anchorage expansion project, stable and sustainable energy for our region, as well the performance of our students here in the Anchorage School District.

Peter Mulcahy: Getting the city to a financially sustainable future. Equally critical are solutions to the Port of Anchorage fiasco and South-central shortage of natural gas.

Bob Lupo: Drunks!

District 3: Seat D

West Anchorage

Ernie Hall: The state's economy and declining oil production is the biggest problem we face as a community.

Nick Moe: A lack of vision by the current leadership is currently our biggest problem. Former republican mayor, Rick Mystrom, had a long term vision for the city that focused on the quality of life. He worked to ensure out city had the things that makes it great: a great library, good parks, and infrastructure that worked for business.

District 3: Seat E

West Anchorage

Cheryl Frasca: Dependable source of energy

Phil Isley: I believe the economy. The disposable income is drying up causing cutbacks which will have a domino effect.

Tim Steele: Figuring out how to restrain and stabilize our budget while preserving the vital functions like transportation, health/safety, and education.