Letter: Heed what the mayor has said

In an article published on March 19 in the ADN titled “Port engineering firm faults construction, not design,” Mayor Dan Sullivan makes a statement that I’m sure the city employee union members will be glad to hear. He stated, “When you’ve got two firms and there’s a little bit of ‘he said she said’ it’s good to get an independent third party that has no skin in the game to make sure and help us define what a best path forward is.”

When the “best path forward” is determined for this project, will it be binding? Certainly there is “a little bit of he said she said” between the administration and the employee unions regarding AO 37. The Assembly certainly has “skin in the game,” so it makes sense that an independent third party determine “the best path forward” when negotiations of contracts are at an impasse. 

If they won’t listen to the pleas and testimony of city workers and citizens, maybe they’ll listen to the mayor himself.

— Kristen Buchta